I am writing to you on behalf of the Board of Directors concerning the fire at the clubhouse. On Wednesday, December 19, the Deputy Fire Marshal’s report was provided with a conclusion of an ‘undetermined’ cause.


Deputy Fire Marshal Pritchet was able to say the fire was not caused by any actions of the community (Board or Management), clubhouse renter, building HVAC system, or the fireplace service that occurred the day prior.


The fire originated and was contained within the faux chimney box that houses the zero-clearance flue for the gas fireplace. The zero-clearance flue outer section is designed to be cool to the touch as this part draws in cold air/oxygen from outside for the fire and while the inter section of the flue expels the fire’s byproducts and gases. Although the Deputy Fire Marshal’s report reflected the cause to be undetermined, the insurance company did hire an investigator. The Insurance Investigator and Attorney have hypothesized the cause to be due to a contractor putting an incorrect chimney cap on the chimney. This investigation is on-going and will be completely handled by the insurance company.


Management immediately started working with the insurance agent and contractors to begin getting the clubhouse building ready better than ever. Although the investigation is on-going, this has no affect on the rebuild/renovations of the clubhouse.

Ninety-eight percent of the damage was caused by water. This affected approximately one-third of the building from top to bottom. 

All restoration was complete in April of 2019. If you have not been by and you have a chance, stop by to see how wonderful the clubhouse looks!!